Make better decisions, faster with SAP HANA

Make better decisions, faster, with SAP HANA! To this point, I wanted to take some time to write about a several of the essential perks that SAP HANA will bring in to an organization. HANA integrates with ongoing data found in the conventional ERP systems and is not bound to aggregated figures like what is currently required by BW. Here is an example of how traditional OLTP and OLAP systems are impaired when we talk about reporting. BW may gather Purchase Order header data in order to do reporting, in doing so, ends up missing Purchase Order item information. If you wish to run reports on much more elaborate data, end users will be able to get richer insights into their reasoning and make more enlightened decisions. In a business without SAP HANA, the finance reporting team is called to write ad-hoc queries to champion governance decisions. In addition to normal report work, Business Warehouse administrators are required to marry data from unsimilar sources. This can take weeks, sometimes months to wind up at an cognizant outcome derived from manual query creation. This is immensely inefficient.

Virtually all data sources are accessible through SAP HANA! By leveraging SAP HANA reporting, which also allows combination of external information, the turnaround time for ad-hoc analysis will greatly decrease. This allows the Business team to react immensely faster to business demands.

Faster month-end closing. Month-end closing is a succession of activities involving report development and system resource balancing. When a corporation is run on SAP HANA, all reports are sped up allowing for additional time for users to get to the data they use and less time spent waiting for it to be read from the database.

Additionally, demand planning will be much more accurate and true. By bringing together the point of sale data of customers, companies are now more than ever able to measure up demand with supply as well as lessen inventory holding levels, which in turn will cut operating expenses. This helps companies close extra products without running out thanks to an enlarged precision and correctness in planning for customer demand. This realization increases income by maximizing wealth and more desirable controlling of cost.

Truncate work force and increase money on hand with SAP HANA! Yes, SAP HANA will sooner or later be the replacement of plenty teams across an enterprise. This is huge news for the people upstairs looking to maximize profit, but bad news for those whose job may be in jeopardy. Organizations demanding IT resources to assist business users on report generation activities will no longer be necessary. With real-time reporting and the unparalleled speed of SAP HANA, it puts the constraint of report origination back into the hands of the business users. IT organizations will no longer need a massive support team and in the end clip the IT upkeep.

Deliver BI solutions faster than ever imaginable. Customarily, a good chunk of a projects breadth has incorporated a time slot for performance tuning. Historically, this can take up to 15% of the project delivery time. With HANA, no efficiency tuning is necessary as it already enables super-fast reporting. That’s 15% less time wasted delivering a project which allows for more time to better deliver for the client.

Observe a business campaign in real-time. With SAP HANA, you are able to watch figures in real-time which allows for a campaign to be tweaked to be more effective and alert in any market. Business teams can identify effectiveness of their labors by collating consumer buying behavior (e.g. whether the promoted products are selling faster as compared to other products). This allows for more persuasive campaigns to be started that in turn, multiply revenues. It’s like fishing with a fish finder.

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