Hybris Marketing Cloud

Businesses are expected to move along with the high waves to continue to operate in the highly competitive environment. The digital revolution is accelerated with Internet of Things, Cloud Computing and Machine Learning helping us run business operations from Smartphones.

Hybris Marketing is one such tool available in the market for Marketing functionality that is operating on cloud & On Premise and has the features & tools to help businesses overcome the above listed challenges.

SAP Hybris Marketing cloud solution can be easily set up in less time with minimal investment to assists IT department of enterprises to innovate campaign management, drive digital transformation and deliver an engaging customer experience.

SAP’s customer experience portfolio allows companies to connect the front and back office to create a single view of the customer across the enterprise. This covers sales, service and commerce as well as financial account systems and the supply chain.

Marketers can tap into data and customer insights for effective marketing planning, understand campaign effectiveness to cut stray losses and make in-the-moment, consent-based offers to deliver personalized experiences.

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