Manufacturing Solutions

Today’s businesses need the flexibility to plan and execute in a dynamic environment. Ability to quickly adapt and leverage is vital, not just to build and sustain a leadership position, but also to survive and envision a larger tomorrow. Adaptability and agility are clearly the cornerstones to success.

Instatech’s portfolio of supply chain solutions provide the most apt capabilities to build and sustain the next generation supply chains. Our solutions are built around a focused core that helps set the foundations for supply chain leverage,

  • Planning and Optimization
  • Execution and Transaction

Having built the core, incremental solutions can be envisaged to sustain, improve, and leverage the core. Some of the solution areas to do so include,

  • Partners & Relationships – CRM, SRM, and Collaboration solutions
  • Metrics & Analytics – Scorecards, Dashboards, and decision support solutions
  • Data & Interfaces – PLM, MDG, Data harmonization, and 3rd party integration solutions
  • User Education and Support – Training, and SLA based user and process support solutions
  • Infrastructure and Maintenance – Sizing, Monitoring, Admin, and Performance solutions

Instatech’s SC process framework illustrates the depth and width of process coverage for a generic manufacturing supply chain. Coupled with the Instatech’s industry experiences, expertise, and technology depth around SAP product suite, you have the right partners to help you navigate through the supply chain improvement maze.

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